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The City of Rot

Waf Brankyrd is a port town located on the XXX coast along the southern bend of the Unndua river on the continent of XXX. It is believed that it’s founding has been lost to antiquity.


For as long as anyone remembers Waf has sat on (and has been slowly sinking into) Greybane swamp. Why such a place was chosen for a settlement has long been debated. Some believe that early tribes found easy access to bountiful soft clay foundations attractive. Others think that the swamp was not always a part of the landscape. Believing that the swamp was originally further away, or much smaller in size.

Most scholars do agree that the original settlers were Adaine peoples, who built their first camps on Ysmer – a large stable outcropping of basalt rock that would eventually become the foundation of the Citadel.

Some time ago (in the last 100 years) the town was conquered by a contingent from the Conclave of Synrilnil – who installed the current ruling body of Elven masters.


The Seven Sisters

There Are seven major districts in the city. in descending order of affluence;

The Citadel ­
­The Temple district
The Garden Quarter
West Brook
The Brass Quarter
Harbor Front
The Blight.

The Undercity
Due to the fact that the only part of the city built on solid ground is the Citadel, the rest of Waf has slowly been sinking into the swamp. As it does so – new buildings are built on top of the old. over the generations this has created a massive network of flooded tunnels and catacombs referred to collectively as The Undercity

Outside the Walls
Pirate’s Cove
The River Farms
The Deep Swamp


The most recent census claims a population of XXX, but these numbers are extrapolated from land owning taxpayers – Among the lower classes, actual numbers and racial make-up is notoriously hard to pin down.


Adaine (man)
Other Races





  • The Alchemist Guild
  • The Mages Guild

Religious Orders

  • The Silver Flame – Paladins
  • The Plague Priests – “Ordo Succursus Khrabanic” ­ a clerical order that tend to the sick and needy.

Adventuring Companies




Notable Families
The Vinewoods ­­- Blooming family –
The Bloodhands – Blooming family – Runs the Docks and City watch. (Possibly in league with the forces of dark corruption)
The Valikari ­­- Faded family – Teiflings. Mostly dealing in shipping
The Eddards – Faded Family. Once ran the city watch
The Sheildhearts – Faded family. Once ran the docks


Sven Ironstone [The Gnome Alchemist]
Angus Duvamel [The Brutish City Watchman]


Luraxth ­­ a being of chaos and evil, freed from an orb 10 years ago. It’s foul aura is spreading like a rot through the city.

The Old Man of the Swamp ­
An ancient black dragon. Lives in the swamps about 2 days trek outside the city, at the base of a giant corrupted Silverwood tree. Views the city and its occupants as his playthings. Has been known to ally itself with the being known as Luraxth, but has a capricious enough nature that it can be negotiated with from time to time.

Manos Mori
A Necromantic cult.

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