Friar Crowe

A handsome but troubled cleric who sees the city as suffering a sickness that it is his job to cure


Crowe is the youngest cleric to join his Order in 200 years, for most others, the “Blackbeaks” are where foggy-headed elderly priests are sent to serve out the end of their days – Or where those that have fallen from favor are sent to be forgotten by the richer and more ‘acceptable’ orders.

Blackbeaks wear distinctive dress, black robes, wide brim hats, and long-beaked face-masks stuffed with herbs to ward off disease.

The members of the order are seen as bad omens (at best) and plague bearers (at worst).


Born to the streets of Waf Brankyrd, Crowe survived as a message boy at the Vulgar Unicorn taven. Running errands for the various rouges and mercenaries that ran their schemes out of there – until the day that he and some of the other boys were offered their own mission.

That mission does not go well. One boy died – and while the rest live on; they are haunted by the events that night.

In the days after the ‘event’ that section of town is cracked down on. Crowe is caught up in one of the sweeps and tossed into a debtor’s prison when no one comes to claim him.

He rots in there for two years. The cramped space and poor nutrition cause his mind and body to atrophy before a priest takes pity on Crowe and arranges for him to be transferred to the care of a local monastery order.

He spends the next year at the monastery on crutches, relearning how to walk. As he improves, he is apprenticed to the ‘Ordo Succursus Khrabanic’ who tend to the poor treating sickness. He learns the craft of being a healer, tending to the downtrodden and forgotten. He walks with a limp to this day.

Friar Crowe

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