The Plague Priests

Ordo Succursus Khrabanic
(The Order of the Helpful Raven)

A sub-sect of the religious followers of the Life Goddess Mockmora who tend to the poor, treating sickness.


In public they wear distinctive dress (black robes, wide brim hats and face-masks stuffed with herbs to ward off disease) This gives them a spooky appearance, coupled with their often ominous duties of dealing with plague-sickness and corpse disposal; People view the members of the order as bad omens (at best) and plague bearers (at worst).
Nicknames include “Blackbeaks”, “Rot Priests”, “The Vultures”.


Ordo Succursus Khrabanic are where foggy-headed elderly priests are sent to serve out the end of their days – Or where those that have fallen from favor are sent to be forgotten by the richer and more ‘acceptable’ orders.

Nicknames include “the Order of corpse suckers”, “old crows”, “gravediggers”.


The Order believes in maintaining a strong balance between the life giving mother and the decaying father. While other Orders are about providing glory and tribute to the gods and making the populous pay tribute in kind, it is the job of Ordo Khrabanic to make the hard decisions of where to cut. Who can be saved and who can not.

“We are not, and will not, be welcomed. We will be shunned and feared. But without our work the cycle will fall into chaos, and eventually all will die.” – Abbot Skorel, The Albicollis


The Father of Decay consumes the dead turning their flesh into the soil that the Life-giving mother births. Both are an integral force that feed the cycle of existence.

The vows of the Order strike a decidedly Lawful tone of Neutrality. The vows are designed to make a Khrabanic Cleric focus his limited power on triage. Assessing the the most important injury or sickness for primary attention, and letting “the cycle” tend to the rest.

Simple Vows

“I will tend the roots foremost. If the roots die the tree dies.”
“I will ease suffering when it is not my power to stop it”
“I will not let the souls of those I can’t save linger and spread sickness”
“I will perform these rites without fear”

Solemn Vow

“I will remember the man I save in the morning, kills the child I can not save that night.”


A White tree on a black circle. The tree is a representation of a Silverwood tree. Silverwood has pale ivory-like flesh that is highly praised. Lower sections of the wood become stained by the black swamps and are cut away by artisans as undesirable. The Khrabanics use this wood, mottled and cris-crossed with black veins to craft their weapons and tools.


Mellori – (Sister/Brother) Mellori is the lowest rank of the order. Mellori are a catch all term for the monks that tend to the maintenance of the church buildings and burials

Corax – (Fria/Friar) Are the ‘face’ of the order (the beaked mask wearers). They serve the function of both Doctor and Chaplin. Tending to those who are unable to attend church for various reasons; such as health, confinement, or quarantine.

Cryptoleucus – (Mother/Father) The persons in charge of overseeing upkeep of the house of worship, including the care of the church buildings, its furnishings, and sacred relics, preparations for liturgy, conduct of the laity, overseeing and grave-digging responsibilities. As well as maintaining the doctrines of the order and upkeep of the libraries.

Albicollis – (Abbot) The highest ranking members of the order. Who serves as the diplomatic representatives of the order in political affairs.


Friar Crowe
Father Samus -
Abbot Skorel – The Albicollis


There are rumors of a secret society within the Order that instead of viewing the cycle as a duality of the Mother and Father, they see the cycle as a triumvirate. Interjecting a third entity into the moment when the living cease and become the dead. Sometimes seen as fate, luck, or death herself. Scholars refer to this unnamed god as “the Queen of Ravens”

The Plague Priests

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