City of Rot

Red Right Hands

What the Silver Circle thought was a rundown bar in the rough part of town, turns out to be in fact the hangout of a violent rouges gang.

At first the fight goes poorly for our heroes , but eventually the tides turn just as Xanatos spots a skittering severed hand climbing up the back stairs. After crushing the hand, they confront the gangs leader – the former owner of the hand; Charlie.

Charlie professes no foreknowledge of the murders – but he been having dreams that mimic the events.

Claiming that he remembers meeting an old wizard in a tavern called the “Black Dog” . The wizard offered him a keg of ale in trade for being a test subject in a small spell. The spell seemed to have no effect, and Charlie made off (or so he thought) with the better half of the deal.

When confronted with the likelihood that his remaining hand could suffer the same fate as the first — he begs the Silver Circle to help him.

The Invisible Hand of the Citadel

Xanatos is summoned to the Citadel and is offered a contract to ship in supplies for an unknown building project. He accepts the contract.

Afterwards the Silver Circle uncovers a string of murders apparently committed by a severed hand. Research points to a shadowy necromantic cult called “Manos Mori”.

Eventually our heroes track one of the attacks to a seedy bar deep in the Blight. As they enter, all the patrons turn to face them and produce weapons, ready for a fight…

A Knight to Remember

The Silver Circle attends a fancy party

Dropping the Hammer

The Silver Circle once again is attacked by (and finally puts an end to) the mercenary squad the Hammermen.

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